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Welcome to Amino Transport

Amino Transport strives to satisfy our Customers through commitment, honesty, results oriented efforts, and to pledge the highest level of performance through affordable Transportation.

Thank you so much for dealing with the load to Michigan and all of its twists and turns.

- Judy W - Amino Transport Customer

As far as I am concerned, you and your company has done a great job with our freight.

- John B - Amino Transport Customer

It was great to meet you in person.

It was fun yesterday showing y’all exactly what we do here, it is refreshing to work with a company who considers your industry and business important enough to take the time to see how it all works.

- Amino Transport Customer

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Please do not ever leave your job because you're amazing at it and I would never do shipping & receiving again!

Good job today.

You’re the BEST!

- Tori S - Amino Transport Customer
You're so good at your job. You make me want to be better :) - Michelle P - Amino Transport Customer

I wish to bring to your attention the amazing customer service and attention … yesterday, August 20, 2013 while aiding our company in retrieving a load of paper from Fairfield, NJ and transporting to Staunton, VA. The product transport was critical to our customer and highly problematic fraught with numerous delays, obnoxious dock workers, and a myriad of highway accidents.

… was highly communicative and patient during the business day, but even more so after hours. We were in frequent communication up until 10:43pm last night, and it commenced again at 5:36am this morning with confirmation our product had arrived during the night and was unloaded without incident. … constant attention, as well as the highly professional conduct, attitude, and commitment by your driver, allowed … to salvage what could have been an absolute disaster.

I am asking that you recognize these two employees and place a copy of my correspondence in their permanent files. We are quite grateful to have had Amino representing … during yesterday's endeavor.

- Russ P - Amino Transport Customer
We have found … Amino to be extremely trustworthy and reliable. Every shipment has been followed through until delivered in a timely and professional manner. Based on our experience with … Amino Transport we can highly recommend their services. - Jason P. - Amino Transport Customer

Yesterday, we encountered a situation of urgency, and I was quite pleased and assured when I heard Amino was handling the transport. I was thrilled because I knew I was in capable hands - which meant more importantly, our customer was in capable hands. Once again you went above and beyond with communication. The product for pick up was delayed and the driver waited to be loaded. Our last text was at 1:07am, after the driver was on the road, but then began again at 4:43am with projected eta's. It continued up until when the driver arrived.

Once again, I find myself asking you to recognize this employee's extreme efforts in customer communication and to place this letter in her permanent employee record.

It has been a pleasure working with Amino again. - Russ P. – Amino Transport Customer